Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Call of God

Marmaduke Stevenson: “In the beginning of the year 1653, I was at the plough in the East part of Old England near the place where my outward being was and as I walked after the plough I was filled with the love and presence of the living God, which did ravish my heart when I felt it, for it did increase and abound in me like a living stream, so did the life and love of God run through me like precious ointment giving a pleasant smell which made me to stand still. And as I stood a little still, with my heart and mind stayed upon the Lord, the word of the Lord came to me in a still small voice, which I did hear perfectly saying to me in the secret of my heart and conscience, “I have ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” and at the hearing of the word of the Lord I was put to a stand, seeing that I was but a child for such a weighty matter.” But since disobedience was out of the question, Marmaduke Stevenson put aside his plough and sailed for the Barbadoes, eventually reaching Massachusetts where he paid for his faith with his life.
Florence Higham: Faith of our Fathers